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Taste Like Hot Electric


Series Summary

In Cripple-Mode:Hot Electric She awakens aboard the Medical Space Station Perl with someone else's memory. Possessing the memories of a man who knows a lot about station operation and maintenance could seem like a gift. Being someone who seems to lack common sense is troublesome at the very least. And, revelation of her prejudice against clones is disturbing. Finding out she's a criminal terrorist is nothing more than icing on the cake. When the one person who cares about her dies, she's left to face murderous clone hating thugs, a duplicitous and determined LJG General, and Jump Tech code violations. She has to race to restore her identity and locate the Black Tech that's pushing her in and out of JumpSpace. She discovers: Everything she's been told about herself is just the tip of the iceberg. She has to face something that's waiting for her in JumpSpace. And, she may even have to ask for help.
Book Description Book Description Contains spoilers for Book one
Posted 07-15-2013

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Looks Feels and Taste's like Hot Electric

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Looks Feels and Taste's like Hot Electric

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