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07/15/14: Free Book -E-Book @ Smashwords Use The CODE

Cripple-Mode:Hot Electric by Jerry Dobias is a Science Fiction Fantasy targeting the broader definition of Young Adult; from middle to high end. The completed manuscript is 250,000 words and bears some resemblence to the Juvinile Science Fiction novels of Robert Heinlein and has been described as bearing some resemblence to Frank Herbert's Dune.

Travis Lucia Hamilton-McQueen is a clone and a suspected terrorist. Neither of those by her choice. When she recovers from a coma, she finds she suffers from a fugue amnesia state that involves the construction of a whole other life's memories. Things become compounded when those memories prove to be those of her genetic father. Her grandfather is a fugitive, her father's a convicted felon and she's fitting nicely into the family; while inheriting thier problems. And there are the entities that live in JumpSpace who are pulling her in and out of JumpSpace like a puppet on a string. She's a survivor; living in deep space among enemies she doesn't know. She must uncover what skills she has to survive and learn who and what she really is and why she was created. She'd like a normal life, but that's not going to happen: besides there's no thrill in normal.

Cripple-Mode:Hot Electric is the first novel of a trilogy followed by the second Cripple-Mode:Electric Touche and the third is presently under way with the Working title of Cripple-Mode:Spooky Action.

Thank you for considering this in your reading list. Enjoy.

For free copies of the Cripple-Mode Ebooks use the following codes at Smashwords.

Cripple-Mode: Electric Touche Book Two Code:: VH48C

Cripple-Mode: Hot Electric Book One Code:: RW100

If you have time; a review or comment would be appreciated.
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07/15/14: Some thoughts on Publishers and Agents

None of my thoughts on writing are original.
Here are some resources I often take thoughts from.
I neither endorse all thier notions nor blame them for mine.
They Just are: for you to check out.

Tara K. Harper
Hugh Howey
John Scalzi
Charlie Stross
Robert Sawyer
Jeffrey A. Carver
After visiting several other sites; these are some thoughts about publishers and agents.
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07/01/14: Science Fiction Author -Links to Wiki-articles III

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07/01/14: Science Fiction Author -Links to Wiki-articles II

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06/30/14: Science Fiction Author -Links to Wiki-articles

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01/01/14: Authors: I Have Read

In no particular order.
I'm beginning a page of authors I've read with links.  I'm not endorsing the links just the authors.

It may take me a while to complete this page...
This is a random listing I'm not playing favorites here. Though most if not all of these authors line my bookshelves.

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09/15/13: Cripple-Mode:Series

Travis Lucia Hamilton-McQueen is a teen trapped in circumstances over which she has no control. She's awakened from a coma to a life out of control and she's trying to focus towards getting it back. It's no help that her Grandfather is a suspected mass murderer, her father is a convicted killer and she's a clone suspected of being a terrorist because she's been illegally bouncing in and out of JumpSpace. The issue of control consumes her in the light of the revelation that she may be harboring not one but three parasitic entities inside her head. Someone now expects her to do their dirty work and they won't take no for an answer.

It's the parasites, which interact with JumpSpace entity, that have created a majority of the problems in her life. She'd love to get rid of them except that there might be a fine line between these parasites and what make her what she is. These entities and their parasites have somehow written all of her fatherís memories into her head. She's frightened of acting against them because from all that she can tell if they leave and take the memories with them there might be nothing left of her except an empty shell. She has no recollection of her own life. She's afraid to die and has a worse fear of being alive and thrown into a darkness of nonexistence perhaps a bad as the coma she'd just come out of.

Travis has been able to survive only because of all the knowledge her father's memories have brought her. But, they have brought her some trouble also. One problem is that the memories don't contain anything about the person she is. For all intent and purposes he father knew nothing about her until his consciousness woke her up on the Medical Space Station Perl. What scares her more is that the people responsible for her creation, The clone colony collective, Special Service and League Jump Guild have some sort of agenda associated with her creation that has some sinister purpose involving the JumpSpace Entity.

Despite her misgivings she finds herself inducted into the League Jump Guild; they are the ones who control and regulate how JumpSpace is used. She has gone from being a loner to starting to surround herself with her own familial group of teachers and friends. She still has a long way to go. The temptation to let the tide of chaos around her dictate her actions is something that she's finding frustrating and difficult to fight. She must begin to take control and make her own decisions, but each step in that direction brings her in possession of more of a real life and that raises the stakes and heightens the consequences.

For Travis the question of who she is, takes second place, to should she exist? What some take as fundamental truths about the psyche and the soul are things she has to struggle with. Insidious larger issues are looming ahead as she realizes that the very technology used to jump through space may be a cloned form of a living being that's much more than just an AI. If that's true then she has much more in common with it than she could ever have imagined. She'll have to ask herself would the possession of this technology by the League Jump Guild constitute slavery. That strikes the fundamental core of what Travis Lucia Hamilton-McQueen believes and she'll be faced with a decision that will impact more than her own fate.
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09/01/13: Places of interest::

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07/27/13: original icon

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07/27/13: New Cripple-Mode icon idea


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